Unique and Fun

1)    Quesadilla Platter Variety
-    Pulled pork and pepper jack cheese
-    Corn salsa and chicken
-    BBQ’d brisket with old cheddar
-    Peanut butter and
-    Goat cheese and Chorizo
-    Duck and scallion

2)    Mini Grilled Cheese’s with tomato soup dip

3)    Cheese Burger Sliders

4)    Nathan’s mini dogs

5)    Mac and Cheese Cup
Mac and cheese in phyllo cup with panko crust

6)    Lamb Sliders
With dipping sauce

7)    Mini Corn Dogs
With dipping sauce

8)    Mini Meat loaf Bites
With topped mashed potatoes and parmesan

9)    Fresh made chips
With dip

10)     Bucket of Sweet potato fries
 With dip

11)     Taco Bar
-seasoned beef
-seasoned chicken
-shredded lettuce
-chopped tomatoes
-mexical rice
-refried beans
-sour cream
-corn salsa
-tomato salsa
-avocado (or guacamole + $2)

12)     Greek Fest
-    Beef gyro with fresh pitas and tzatiki
-    Chicken souvlaki
-    Chopped Greek salad
-    Roast potatoes