Standard Buffet Options

1)    Slow Roasted Herbed Sirloin
 Topped with roast garlic and herb au jus

2)    Marinated Char Grilled Chicken

Free range chicken marinated basil pesto, roast garlic and white wine

3)    Penne Pasta
Bell peppers, Bermuda onions, flavourina tomatoes, garlic cloves, black olives all sautéed and tossed with pasta in a white wine, shallot reduction and basil pesto

4)    Wild Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Chicken
Char grilled chicken sliced tossed with roasted garlic and shallot wild mushrooms and fresh herbs

5)    Slow Roasted Turkey
Served with sage infused gravy and home style stuffing

6)    Chorizo Meatball and Pasta
 House chorizo meatballs tossed with penne pasta topped with pomadora sauce

7)    Spicy Mango Chicken
Char grilled chicken with spicy mango chutney and pea tendrils

8)    Caribbean Stuffed Pork Loin
Local pork stuffed with corn bread, walnuts mangos, brown sugar and rum

9)    Braised Beef Ribs
Our house braised ribs, roasted in a blueberry sauce

10)     Pork Schnitzel
 In-house schnitzel with merlot shallot demi glaze

11)     Anderson Heavy Glazed Ham
 Local smoked leg, glazed with honey and sliced

12)     Drunken Chicken
 On the bone marinated in bourbon, soy sauce, brown sugar and cracked pepper, and pan fried

13)     French Cut Chicken Breast
Filled with wild mushroom in a merlot demi glaze

14)     Jerk Chicken
On the bone with mango relish and BBQ Bermuda onions

15)     Pecan and Panko Crusted Chicken
Topped with roasted shallot veloute sauce

16)     Spinach and Goat Cheese filled Chicken Breast
 With roasted shallots demi glaze

17)     Lasagna
Meat or vegetable

18)     Bourbon Whiskey Glaze Steak
 10oz sirloin steak